Saint Cajetan Institute of Technology, Inc. goes online training to answer the CoVID 19 response. The school will operate soon without face-to-face training because of  safety procedures to avoid contacts. This online training is an answer to many of the trainee who wants to learn new skills to their homes by accessing it using their mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.  
The name of the online training environment developed by the school is “St. Cajetan Institute of Technology, Inc Online Learning Environment (SCOLE)”. It is used to help those people who want to develop their skills though they are in their home. They need not come to school to train. All they have to do is to access it through internet.
The school offers online training in web development and computer literacy courses programs. After their training, they will have a training certificate and they will apply for the skills assessment given by TESDA to certified them. The access of the site is through this URL; “”. Contact the school to enroll them and visit their school website for more inquiries. 

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